Journal of Selling

Editor - Robert M. Peterson, Ph.D., Dean's Distinguished Professor of Sales

The Journal of Selling is a biannual sales publication designed to appeal to both sales professionals and academics and is the first selling journal published by a university in the United States.

The Journal of Selling’s objective is to provide a focus for collaboration between practitioners and academics for the advancement of education and research in selling. The journal strives to enhance best practices as it relates to business-to-business selling, articles that promote this will be given priority for publication. Empirical papers that validate theory and industry reality are sought, but strategic conceptual articles that truly articulate paradigm shifts are welcome.  

All academic papers published need to have an expanded Managerial Implications section of the research findings or concept being developed. An abstract of at least 100 words, but not exceeding 175 words, should be included.

The Journal of Selling has three categories of manuscripts:

  • Academic manuscripts use the traditional scientific approach for understanding sales phenomena and the goal is to add to the body of knowledge that is supported by rigorous research methods.
  • Application manuscripts focus on sharing cutting edge insight on marketplace behaviors, changes, benchmarks, etc. Theoretically sensible, the papers generally focus on an existing problem/opportunity and provide more information on current reality.
  • Pedagogy manuscripts should illustrate a teaching/training improvement when using a certain idea/method/content/approach and contain empirical support. The importance of teaching and researching in this domain is vital to help educators and trainers remain on the cutting edge of sales instruction and case studies are now accepted as well.

Articles for consideration should be sent by email to Editor: Robert M. Peterson at, Department of Marketing Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL 60115.

Special Issue

Artificial Intelligence in Sales

Deadline: Sept. 1, 2024

Call for Papers (DOCX)
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