MBA Student Spotlight

Noah Templin

Program: Global MBA ‘19

Undergrad: Business Administration with a minor in Data Analytics

Hometown: Peoria, IL


“The Global MBA program here at NIU has introduced me to incredible experiences and extraordinary people. The master’s in international management, as well as studying abroad, has given me the skills and knowledge to excel in my position post-graduation at an international company. The fast-paced program allows us to use our ability to learn quickly and perform at our best, while still completing a full AACSB accredited MBA degree in one year. Our professors are very knowledgeable, and use their experience to easily connect the material in the classroom to the business world. Instead of memorization, we focus on the application of relevant business practices with modern insights and solutions. Being in classes with the same people every day, made up of culturally diverse backgrounds, allows us to build a friendly and fostering culture, both inside and outside of the classroom. It is an experience I’ll never forget.”

Noah Templin