One-Year MBA

Our One-Year MBA is designed for today’s managers. In just 12 months of course work in Hoffman Estates, you'll develop your communication skills and leadership abilities, working in teams to enhance collaborative learning and professional networking.

You'll begin the program with a group of fellow students and share your educational experience with them throughout the year, as you take the same courses in the same sequence.

Application Deadlines

You must submit the graduate application form and supporting documents by Dec. 10. Classes begin in January.

Academic ability, quality of work experience and professional business success are all important factors considered for admission. A minimum of three to five years of successful business experience is required. A baccalaureate degree with a grade point average of at least 2.75 (on a 4.00 scale).

The following courses or equivalents must be completed (with a grade of C or better at the undergraduate level or a grade of B or better at the graduate level) prior to enrolling in the One-Year MBA:

  • Business Statistics (OMIS 524)
  • Business Information Systems (OMIS 507)
  • Financial Accounting (ACCY 505)
  • Survey of Business Economics - Macro and Micro (FINA 500)
  • Principles of Operations Management (OMIS 505)
  • Principles of Management (MGMT 505)
  • Graduate Survey of Marketing (MKTG 505)
  • Fundamentals of Financial Management (FINA 505)
  • Business Law Essentials (MGMT 511)

Candidates with a nonbusiness undergraduate degree and those with a business degree who have not successfully completed all of the courses listed above must satisfy these prerequisites before starting the One-Year MBA. These courses can be satisfied in a classroom format in the Evening MBA or through interactive self-paced online courses.

Prerequisites for One-Year MBA

For candidates with a nonbusiness undergraduate degree and those with a business degree who have not successfully completed all of the admission requirements, we offer interactive, self-paced online courses for $750 per course.

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Complete the following forms to apply for admission to the One-Year MBA. Supporting documents should be mailed to:

Northern Illinois University
College of Business MBA Program
1425 W. Lincoln Highway
DeKalb, IL 60115-9913.

If you have questions regarding this process, please contact us at

  • Complete the Graduate School application.
  • Complete the supplemental information form as early as possible and mail it to the MBA office.
  • Two letters of recommendation submitted through the Graduate School application.
  • Complete a statement of purpose
  • Request an official transcript from each college or university from which you graduated. 
  • GMAT not required.
  • Have your supervisor, manager, an HR representative or company official sign a sponsorship form.
  • Please note: After you submit your application, you'll be notified and a personal interview will be scheduled.

The total cost of the One-Year MBA for the class of 2019 is $34,500 for classes offered at NIU Hoffman Estates.

Payment Schedule

A nonrefundable deposit of $2,500 is due upon acceptance into program.

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Typical Schedule

6:15 p.m.: Class. 8 p.m.: Refreshments. 8:15 p.m.: Class continued. 10:00 p.m.: Class ends.

Beyond the core curriculum, you'll complete three elective courses specifically selected for working professionals - a negotiation and conflict management course, a global integration course with an international experience and a capstone experience incorporating a real-world consulting project.

  • Marketing Management [MKTG 654, (3)]. In-depth analysis of the marketing plan of an organization. Requires several case analyses.
  • Operations Analysis [OMIS 627, (3)]. Analysis of the concepts, problems and approaches to the solution of significant operations problems. Case analysis and quantitative solutions within a global, competitive environment are presented.
  • Management of Information Systems Technology [OMIS 640, (3)]. Emphasis on systems technology, marketing applications of information systems and strategic decision-making as an organizational resource.
  • Managerial Accounting Controls [ACCY 630, (3)]. The course focuses on the firm's internal accounting reports and controls with an emphasis on budgeting and controlling operations.
  • Managing Behavior in Organizations [MGMT 635, (3)]. The course examines motivation, teamwork, conflict, leadership and other behavioral concepts that influence individual, group and organizational effectiveness.
  • Financial Analysis [FINA 607, (3)]. A case-oriented course that builds upon the principles of finance. Requires several class presentations and written case analyses.
  • Strategic Management and Policy [MGMT 672, (3)]. Capstone course focusing on issues of overall organizational goals, policies and ethics.
  • Negotiation and Conflict Management [MGMT 619, (3)]. Examination and application of negotiation techniques and strategies relevant to managerial positions with specific applications to resolving professional conflicts.
  • International Study in Marketing [MKTG 601, (3)]. You'll participate in a nine-day international study program. The trip is scheduled in February. The trip is structured to include a mix of company visits, government briefings and university lectures in the countries visited.
  • Entrepreneurship and Venture Management [MGMT 637, (3)]. Each study group explores topics through the evaluation of a real-world business case. This capstone case competition allows students to look at decisions in a broad context and with consideration to all functional areas of business. First and second places are designated by a panel of judges.

Because the One-Year MBA program’s curriculum is continuously reviewed to reflect the ever-changing needs of the business environment, we reserve the right to alter the curriculum at any time, through appropriate procedures, for the purpose of providing the best educational experience.

What is a One-Year MBA?

The One-Year MBA allows you to complete your MBA degree in 12 months. The program features a cohort class structure that offers a lock-step, planned curriculum in a professional setting. In other words, members of each class begin the program together and complete the degree requirements for graduation as a group. A unique aspect of the program is the collective professional experience of its participants, which greatly enriches the educational environment. A team approach is used to allow for the sharing of diverse perspectives on various topics. This interaction results in a challenging, stimulating learning experience that allows for maximum return on time and resources invested.

What is different about the One-Year MBA curriculum?

The One-Year MBA curriculum addresses the functional areas of business, including accounting, finance, management, marketing and operations. To round out the curriculum, you'll address contemporary global issues and negotiations and put all your business tools to task through a live case.

The same core courses required in a traditional MBA are taught in the One-Year MBA; however, the courses are enhanced by the extensive professional experience of the participants and uniquely structured to teach a maximum amount of course material in an accelerated timeframe.

Who attends the One-Year MBA?

You must have a business undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university or an equivalent credential from a recognized international institution. Candidates with a nonbusiness undergraduate degree and those with a business degree who have not successfully completed all of the prerequisite courses must satisfy prerequisites before starting the One-Year MBA. You must also have three years of post-undergraduate work experience.

What type of time commitment is required?

The program is structured so that you can complete your course work in just 12 months by attending classes two evenings (Monday and Thursday) each week. Added to the already heavy demands of a business career, the time involved in pursuing an MBA is considerable and requires a high level of motivation and commitment.

Who teaches in the One-Year MBA?

Each faculty member has been hand selected to teach in the One-Year MBA. As experienced educators, researchers and consultants, our faculty members understand the rigors of the program and the busy schedules and demands facing the students in the program. Because the students in the program have significant managerial experience, students learn a great deal from each other.

Our accreditation by the AACSB attests to the quality of the faculty and academic programs in the College of Business. Of approximately 1,200 collegiate business programs in the U.S., only about 100 have achieved the four levels of accreditation earned by NIU.

How will an MBA impact your career?

An MBA degree reflects a sophisticated level of knowledge and skills concerning a wide range of contemporary management topics. It also implies a well-developed understanding of strategic thinking and planning in a globally competitive world.

About Our MBA Program

Why NIU's One-Year MBA?

"The decision to choose NIU’s One-Year MBA program was a very simple one - not only is it one of the most affordable programs in the area, but the lockstep program that allows you to develop lifelong relationships with your professors and peers is also very appealing."

- Jennifer Rave

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