Faculty and Staff

Name Title Phone Office Email
Bender, Brian Instructor 815-753-5833 BH 328W bbender@niu.edu
Bassetti, Federico Instructor 312-715-7523 BH328 fede@niu.edu
Cao, Xinyan Assistant Professor 815-753-3419 BH 328V xcao@niu.edu
Devereaux, Russ Associate Director and Program Advisor 815-753-6372 BH 328A rdevereaux2@niu.edu
Downing, Charles Presidential Teaching Professor, Dean's Distinguished Professor of OM&IS 815-753-6381 BH 328O cdowning@niu.edu
Fechner, Kerry Instructor 815-753-1286 BH 328 kfechner@niu.edu
Heyland, Jim Instructor 815-753-1205 BH 328M jheyland@niu.edu
Horton, Susie Office Administrator 815-753-1285 BH 328C shorton1@niu.edu
Iyengar, Kishen Assistant Professor 815-753-6370 BH 328L kiyengar@niu.edu
Kearsing, John Instructor 815-753-1286 BH 328N kearsing@niu.edu
Kim, Jinhak Assistant Professor 815-753-6976 BH 328V jkim23@niu.edu
Lee, Jung Young Associate Professor 815-753-1870 BH 328K younglee@niu.edu
Liu, Chang Chair, Dean's Distinguished Professor of OM&IS 815-753-3021 BH 328D cliu@niu.edu
Liu, Yipeng Associate Professor, Assistant Chair 815-753-1287 BH 328B yliu@niu.edu
Mackie, Brian Visiting Associate Professor 815-753-5896 BH 328Q bmackie@niu.edu
Malgonde, Onkar Assistant Professor 815-753-6380 BH 328P omalgonde@niu.edu
McFadden, Kathleen NIU Board of Trustees Professor;
Dean's Distinguished Professor of OM&IS
815-753-6374 BH 328X kmcfadden@niu.edu
Osterberg, Karah Instructor 815-753-6193 BH 328Y kosterberg1@niu.edu
Palese, Biagio Assistant Professor 815-753-1286 BH 328R bpalese@niu.edu
Pendergrass, John Assistant Professor 815-753-1332 BH 328H jpendergrass@niu.edu
Petersen, Charles Dean's Distinguished Professor of OM&IS 815-753-1454 BH 328S cpetersen@niu.edu
Setterstrom, Andrew Associate Professor of Information Systems 815-753-0554 BH 328F asetterstrom@niu.edu
Sohn, Jayoung Instructor 815-753-1286 N/A sohn@niu.edu 
Wang, Ying Assistant Professor 815-753-5834 BH 328T ywang15@niu.edu
Wu, Jiao (Aimee) Assistant Professor 815-753-5895 BH 328E jwu3@niu.edu

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