Internships, or any career-related work experience, can give you an advantage when seeking a permanent position to begin your career. Not only does career-related experience greatly enhance your resume, it also helps to either confirm your choice of a major or convince you that a change is in order. Here are some steps to take to begin your search for career-related experience:

Our annual OM&IS Meet the Firm Night in September brings OM&IS-friendly companies to campus to meet our students and faculty. Don't miss this opportunity to learn about the many types of positions open to OM&IS majors in a small, welcoming environment. OM&IS freshmen through seniors are strongly encouraged to attend. For more information, contact Russ Devereaux at

Register on Huskies Get Hired to find leads for internships and permanent positions.

Visit a meet and greet table to learn about possible internship opportunities.

Join a student organization and participate in Business Passport.

If you're an employer interested in speaking to students, contact department chair Chang Liu at

Explore the idea of volunteering your talents or using them in a school organization. For example, OM&IS students who are interested in web design have served as webmaster of an organization or volunteered to help someone create a web page.

Gaining career-related experience begins with developing a proactive attitude and planning ahead. You might treat finding an internship as an additional class. For example, you could spend an hour or more each week on these activities to find job leads and get interviews:

  • Work on a resume
  • Send resumes through Huskies Get Hired on a weekly basis
  • Check your email consistently
  • Network with work contacts, neighbors, your parents and your parents' friends
  • Prepare to attend job fairs, read the paper, attend appropriate meetings, etc.

Micro-internships are paid short-term projects (ranging from lead generation to social media engagement to research and data analysis and more) posted by employers across a wide range of industries. Often, these projects require 5-40 hours of work across one to four weeks, pay $12-$25 per estimated hour and can be completed remotely or on site. They are posted on a rolling basis, and can be applied to year-round. Students bid for the jobs by writing a short application, receive valuable feedback via employer evaluations and then are paid a lump sum upon satisfactory completion of the project (spanning from!).

Through micro-internships, students (even CPT-eligible international students) can learn and hone transferrable career skills, explore potential career paths, build meaningful networks with organizations across the country, and get paid – all in their spare time. Additionally, employers gain immediate access to a competitive source of talent for short-term projects which can later lead to summer internships and full-time hires. Alumni employers can take this one step further by filtering bidding students by alma mater in order to strengthen mentoring connections.

To get started, simply explore opportunities or post a project!

To receive acknowledgement on your transcript for your internship, contact Career Services.

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