Accountancy Data Visualization Competition

In todays’ data-driven business world, organizations deal with massive amounts of data as a result of their day-to-day operations. When properly analyzed for insights and trends, data can influence important business decisions. This competition is a great opportunity for students to explore organizational data to provide insights that will support better decisions.

What To Expect

  • You can compete individually or as part of a team.
  • Competitors will take on the role of consultants hired by Huskie Motor Company, an automobile company with production and sales throughout the world that is seeking a "data-driven" strategy for decision making.
  • Near the end of February, registered competitors will receive a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet with data regarding product-specific details relevant to production and marketing.
  • You will also receive a request for analysis. Microsoft Excel or other visualization software should be used to create visualizations of the data that support the analysis and a PowerPoint slide deck should be created to present your analysis and visualizations.


  • Create a 10-minute recording of your team presenting your slide deck.
  • Recordings should be in standard video formats (e.g., MP4).
  • Unplayable videos cannot be judged.
  • Videos should allow for downloading.
  • Recordings should show both the presenters and the slide deck (e.g., a suggested method includes — but is not limited to — having all team members join a free Zoom session with mics and cameras on; one member shares and advances the slide deck, recording the presentation as each member presents certain slides. The resulting MP4 video file will show both the slides and a sidebar of the presenting attendees).
  • It is advised not to gather in one location to record this presentation.

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