Digital Marketing Competition

Due to our reliance on the internet, digital marketing is a key part of any marketing strategy. It helps reach today's customers, who expect the best quality and prices, in addition to conveniences like online shopping and free delivery. Digital marketing reaches customers through a variety of platforms (social media, blogs, video, etc.). It prompts them to take action, make a purchase and ultimately, to stay connected with the company. This customer journey can be summarized as RACE (reach, act, convert, engage). It builds brand identity and loyalty.

In this competition, you'll work in a team of up to five members to help a company enhance their marketing strategy. First, you'll map their customer journey. Then, you'll create digital marketing content for them in the form of a website.

Plan and Create Your Website

  1. Choose a small, local company that could benefit from assistance with marketing strategy.
  2. Visit the company and map out their customer journey using the RACE framework.
  3. Create a website for the company using our free platform, Wix. It should contain new content marketing that is enticing and creative.

Present Your Work

You'll give a 10-minute presentation on your work. It should include your RACE framework on the company and the website you developed. You should be able to compare your site to the company's old website. Slides and visuals are required.

Your work will be judged by a panel composed of students and faculty.

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