Forensic Accounting Competition

Have you ever imagined being an FBI agent for a day? If this sounds exciting, this competition is your chance to discover how forensic accountants uncover financial and strategic performance gaps underlying suspected impropriety. In this competition, you will peruse operational and financial data adopted from a real case with the aim of identifying the “who, what and how” of financial fraud.

What To Expect

  • You can enter this competition individually or as part of a team.
  • Near the end of February, registered competitors will receive a dossier with detailed descriptions and guidelines on how to investigate fraud from a forensic accountant’s perspective.
  • You will take on the role of an investigator (like an FBI agent) whose responsibility is to review financial statements and other documents to discover whether fraud exists, and if it does, to gather evidence to identify what happened, who did what, and how it happened.
  • After analyzing the case you will write a summary of your findings that will justify major conclusions with convincing evidence.


  • Create a 10-minute recording of your team presenting your slide deck.
  • Recordings should be in standard video formats (e.g., mp4).
  • Unplayable videos cannot be judged.
  • Videos should allow for downloading.
  • Recordings should show both the presenters and the slide deck (e.g., a suggested method includes — but is not limited to — having all team members join a free Zoom session with mics and cameras on; one member shares and advances the slide deck, recording the presentation as each member presents certain slides. The resulting mp4 video file will show both the slides and a sidebar of the presenting attendees).
  • It is advised not to gather in one location to record this presentation.

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