College of Business Alumni
Building a Legacy of Leadership

Over 55,000 NIU College of Business alumni have passed through our doors since the creation of the college in 1961. Our graduates are recognized in industry for their strong work ethic, team effectiveness, adaptability, creativity, and leadership.

Our College of Business Alumni share drive and talent, and a degree from a college that is equally driven and talented.  Read about Distinguished Donors, Bob and Cathy Rothkopf and the Leadership Scholarship they created.

As NIU College of Business Alumni, you have the ability to add value to the education our students receive by sharing your perspectives and experiences in the classroom, with internships, and mentoring programs. In return, alumni and corporations connect with outstanding students who add value to their companies for years to come. Executive in Residence >

In addition to enriching our students' experiences, our programs offer our Alumni the ability to network with fellow graduates with diverse backgrounds to stay competitive in today's business environment. view calendar of events >

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