Bethany Cockburn

Assistant Professor




  • Ph.D., University of Iowa, Management and Organizations
  • M.N.A., University of Notre Dame, Masters in Nonprofit Administration
  • M.A., University of North Carolina - Charlotte, Masters in Clinical/Community Psychology
  • B.A., Indiana University - Bloomington, Psychology and English


Bethany Cockburn (pronounced coh-burn) earned her Ph.D. from the University of Iowa (2018). Her expertise and interests relate to work-related transitions, workplace stress and how team membership affects individual and team outcomes. For example, she has studied the impact of stress on physical and mental health and mortality; the effect of retiring and returning to work on one’s identity; and how team membership affects helping behaviors, deviant behaviors, and performance. Her research has been published in journals such as Journal of Applied Psychology, Personnel Psychology and Journal of Management Studies. Bethany has taught classes such as managerial negotiations, strategic human resources and leadership and personal development.

Teaching Areas

  • Managerial negotiations
  • Leadership and personal development
  • Strategic human resource management

Selected Publications

  • Yuan, Z., Cockburn, B. S., Astrove, S. L., and Buis, B. C. (2021). Sacrificing heroes or suffering victims? Investigating third parties’ reactions to divergent social accounts of essential employees in the COVID-19 pandemic. Journal of Applied Psychology, 106(10), 1435-1447.
  • Gonzalez-Mulé, E., and Cockburn, B. S. (2021). This job is (literally) killing me: A moderated-mediated model linking work characteristics to mortality. Journal of Applied Psychology, 106(1), 140-151.
  • Gonzalez‐Mulé, E., Cockburn, B.S., McCormick, B., and Zhao, P. (2020). Team tenure and team performance: A meta‐analysis and process model. Personnel Psychology, 73, 151-198.
  • Gonzalez‐Mulé, E., and Cockburn, B. (2017). Worked to death: The relationships of job demands and job control with mortality. Personnel Psychology, 70(1), 73-112.
  • Greco, L. M., O'Boyle, E. H., Cockburn, B. S., and Yuan, Z. (2018). Meta‐analysis of coefficient alpha: A reliability generalization study. Journal of Management Studies, 55(4), 583-618

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