Experiential Learning Center

The Experiential Learning Center (ELC) gives you the opportunity to join a team of talented business students and connect with accomplished executives. Over the course of a 16-week collaboration, you and your teammates will apply your energies and skills to help solve cross-functional business issues.

Project Process

  • You serve as a consultant on a team of four to eight.
  • You interact directly with CEOs, COOs, SVPs, and other captains of industry.
  • You work with a real-world organization solving their real-world problems.
  • You learn how to focus on solutions and remove obstacles.
  • You strengthen your marketability.
  • You improve your professionalism.

Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Marketing strategies.
  • Business plan development.
  • New product launch.
  • Employee retention strategies.
  • Data analytics.

Apply the knowledge, skills, and theories you learn in the classroom to find real business solutions.

  • Earn three credit hours.
  • Build your resume.
  • Develop a valuable skill set.
  • Receive professional coaching.
  • Establish your legacy.
  • Use cutting-edge lab technology and facilities.

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Put the ELC to Work for You!

Sponsor a cross-functional team of four to eight of our best students to focus on your business issue.

  • Gain fresh insights into your business issues.
  • Discover impactful business solutions.
  • Engage in a 16-week job interview of our brightest students.
  • Become a role model to young, open-minded individuals.

Companies Served

  • Caterpillar
  • Echo Global Logistics
  • Grainger
  • YMCA
  • McDonald's


Mentor students in a real life business experience!

ELC coaches are professors, instructors and business professionals. They act as guides and resources for ELC teams. Coaches do not give the teams the answers. Instead, they challenge and encourage the teams to think critically about business issues and be creative in their problem-solving. They keep the students focused on providing value to the sponsoring organization.

ELC assistant coaches are past graduate and undergraduate ELC team members. They act as peer resources to the teams by providing leadership, direction and assistance with project management.



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