Management Careers and Internships

Your bachelor's degree in management or business administration will prepare you to excel in a variety of careers. We'll help you get ready for success by providing networking and internship opportunities.


Internships allow you to earn academic credit while gaining professional work experience. Many companies use internships as an extended job interview, so if you perform well, you could receive a job offer. Internships can also help you:

  • Gain experience: You’ll get relevant industry experience to strengthen your resume.
  • Land a job: You’ll expand your professional network, which can result in future job opportunities.
  • Test out a career path: You’ll be able to try out different career paths and industries.
  • Practice skills: You’ll have opportunities to apply what you’re learning in the classroom in a professional setting.

If you're selected for an unpaid internship in the entrepreneurship or social entrepreneurship sector, you can receive financial support. For more information on internships, please contact

Finding an Internship

Begin your internship search at least one semester before you plan to start the position. Reach out to professors, advisors and students with internship experience to get advice. You can also check the following sources:

Prepare for your internship search by polishing your resume. You can get resume advice from Career Services, your professors, advisors and mentors. Try to customize your resume to each organization to which you apply.

If you’re offered an interview, research the position and organization in advance to demonstrate your professionalism and enthusiasm. Arrive on time and be prepared to ask questions to show your interest.

Earning Credit

To earn credit for your internship, complete these steps:

  1. Submit a proposal (email for more information).
  2. Complete surveys monthly and receive feedback from department internship coordinator.
  3. Meet with other interns at least two times during the semester.
  4. Complete a portfolio based on your original approved proposal.
  5. Upon completion, report your internship to NIU to earn Passport credit.

Management Careers

Our management graduates start their careers in a variety of firms such as Calamos Investments, McDonald's Corporation, Target and Hertz. The median starting salary for recent graduates is over $43,000.

Possible positions for those with an emphasis in human resource management include:

  • Staffing specialist
  • Compensation analyst
  • Trainer
  • Recruiter

Possible positions for those with an emphasis in leadership and management include:

  • Executive team leader
  • Manager in training
  • Sales strategist
  • Client service specialist

Business Administration Careers

With a bachelor's degree in business administration, you'll have access to a variety of career paths with companies and nonprofit organizations. Some possible industries include:

  • Mortgage and banking
  • Event planning
  • Small business management
  • Sales and entrepreneurship
  • Health care and insurance
  • Logistics and product distribution
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