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We offer several exciting study abroad opportunities to help you gain firsthand exposure to the world of business in a global economy. Many programs are sponsored by the college and led by NIU faculty. Short-term programs led by NIU faculty include on-site seminars with global firms located in various countries. These programs range from two weeks to one month abroad and take place after the spring semester or between the fall and spring semesters. These programs enable you to earn three to six credit hours toward your major (with departmental approval).

How will studying abroad help me?

Today’s global business environment is characterized by interdependent economies, cultural diversity and rapid change. Studying abroad will provide you with significant cross-cultural experiences, which is precisely what employers and graduate schools seek in their candidates. Studying abroad will help you:

  • Understand business from an international perspective.
  • Prepare to work in a rapidly changing, increasingly diverse workplace.
  • Develop a worldview based on firsthand experiences.
  • Develop a deeper appreciation for different cultures.
  • Improve your problem-solving skills and cross-cultural communication skills.
  • Enhance your academic journey and outlook on life.
What's the process for selecting a study abroad program?

You can take advantage of the college’s study abroad opportunities at any time while you are a business major. The process for selecting a study abroad program should include early planning, such as:

Set goals
The College of Business has many excellent study abroad programs. Knowing what you want to get out of the experience will help you find the best program for you.
Set priorities
Consider the degree requirements for your major, your long-term academic goals and your professional goals.
Prepare academically
If you need to take a language course or another prerequisite for the study abroad program, be sure to do so.
Do your homework
Research the program by talking to advisors and other students who have studied abroad. Short-term, faculty-led programs are preplanned programs, so most of the research work is already done for you!
What are my next steps?
Talk to your advisor
Learn about study abroad resources and programs by talking with your advisor. Discuss how the study abroad fits into your academic program.
Investigate programs and resources
Browse this website to learn more about College of Business study abroad programs or use NIU study abroad resources to find a program that fits your goals.

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