Submit a Business Passport Event

We encourage faculty, staff and student organizations to propose activities and events for Business Passport continent fulfillment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements or guidelines for activity proposal?
  • The event or activity must be sanctioned by NIU or the College of Business.
  • Someone must be able to take attendance and submit verification (names and Z-IDs) of attendees.
  • The event or activity must be related to one of the continents.
  • Activities in courses required for a degree program are not eligible.
What is the time requirement for an event or activity?

There is no hard and fast time requirement. Some events and activities take place over a semester, while others involve a 60-minute presentation. It is expected that a meaningful presentation will take approximately 60 minutes.

What is the best way to take attendance?
  • QR code: Passport can provide you with a QR code to display to students that fully participate in your activity. Attendance is automatically taken.
  • Excel: Provide a list of student names and Z-IDs to
  • Reflection: You can require students to write a reflection of your activity.
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