Business Foundations Modules

For candidates with a non-business undergraduate degree and those with a business degree who have not successfully completed all admission requirements for a College of Business graduate degree program, we offer the following interactive, self-paced online modules. Each module is $200. Once purchased, the modules are non-refundable.

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Business Statistics
(this module will satisfy the OMIS 524 pre-requisite)

Financial Accounting Concepts
(this module will satisfy the ACCY 505 pre-requisite)

Fundamentals of Financial Management
(this module will satisfy the FINA 505 pre-requisite)

Marketing Foundations
(this module will satisfy the MKTG 505 pre-requisite)

Business Information Systems
(this module will satisfy the OMIS 507 pre-requisite)

Marketing Metrics and Statistical Analysis
(this module will satisfy the MKTG 515 pre-requisite)

Principles of Management
(this module will satisfy the MGMT 505 pre-requisite)

Principles of Operations Management
(this module will satisfy the OMIS 505 pre-requisite)

Survey of Business Economics
(this module will satisfy the FINA 500 pre-requisite)

Modules are delivered a-synchronously and all materials are included. Please note, you will not earn course credit on an NIU transcript for completing a module. Once you successfully complete a module, you will satisfy a pre-requisite and receive a certificate of completion.

Typical Module Content

  • Module introduction.
  • Six topical sessions (each three to four hours in length). After each session, there will be an activity or quiz to ensure comprehension of material.
  • Final exam: After the sixth session, you'll be able to access the final exam. The exam will be multiple choice and contain 50 questions. You must score a 70 or higher and will have three attempts to complete the exam. Lockdown browser will be used when you access the final exam.
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