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Ph.D., University of Minnesota, Business Administration


Devaki Rau earned her Ph.D. from University of Minnesota (2001). Her expertise and interests are in organizational learning, expertise, strategic decision-making and top management teams. Prior to joining NIU, she worked in the Indian software industry. Her primary teaching responsibilities are in the area of strategic management at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Her research has been published in the Strategic Management Journal, Journal of Applied Psychology, Journal of Management, Small Group Research, Group and Organization Management and the Journal of Business Research, among others. She has also co-authored a text on strategy: Behavioral Strategic Management. She currently serves on the editorial boards of the Strategic Management Journal and Group and Organization Management.

Teaching Areas

Strategic Management

Selected Publications

  • Rau, D., Flores, L. and Simha, A.  (2020).  A moderated-mediated examination of the relations among strategic planning, organizational learning, slack, and firm performance,  Management Decision
  • Bromiley, P., and Rau, D.  (forthcoming).  Some problems in using prospect theory to explain strategic management issues.  Academy of Management Perspectives. 
  • Bromiley, P., Rau, D., and Zhang, Y.  (2017).  Is RandD risky?  Strategic Management Journal, 38:876-891
  • Bromiley, P., and Rau, D.  (2016).  Social, behavioral, and cognitive influences on upper echelons during strategy process: A literature review.  Journal of Management, 42: 174-202. 
  • Bromiley, P., and Rau, D.  (2014).  Towards a practice-based view of strategy.  Strategic Management Journal, 35:1249-1256. 


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Devaki Rau


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