Yongwoog "Andy" Jeon

Assistant Professor




  • Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin


Yongwoog “Andy” Jeon (Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin) is Assistant Professor of Marketing in the Department of Marketing, College of Business. Generally, he teaches and researches digital marketing. In his research, Andy applies social psychological perspectives in building theoretical models that attempt to provide practical answers to the questions of how consumers think, feel, and act in digital environments. He has examined how individuals psychologically respond to marketing messages delivered via interactive technologies such as skippable YouTube video ads or immersive VR. Andy builds and uses experimental platforms where research participants’ real-time digital behaviors such as ad-skipping/blocking, viewing duration, and gaze movement are tracked, quantified, and analyzed to provide input in developing effective digital marketing tactics. Currently, he has been researching the roles of social artificial intelligence (AI) such as smart speakers or chatbots in the process of marketing communications. He has been researching AI in various contexts including branding, retailing, health and social marketing. His works have been published in various journals including Journal of Interactive Marketing and Journal of International Advertising and Media Psychology.

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