Student Portfolio (MKTG 99)

As a marketing major, you’ll complete a portfolio of assignments that illustrate your mastery of marketing skills and concepts. You can use your portfolio to show potential employers evidence of your accomplishments and knowledge.

You must turn in a portfolio to the Department of Marketing prior to the last week of classes in the semester you intend to graduate. Completion of MKTG 99 (Portfolio) is required. You won’t graduate unless you submit a completed portfolio.

A portfolio is a collection of work you'll prepare and use to showcase your skills, talents and knowledge. It may include a selective collection of only your best work, examples of evolving skills/talents over a period of time or a combination of both. Portfolios are used by the Department of Marketing to assess whether marketing majors are meeting eight learning outcomes identified as important for all marketing graduates. You can use your portfolio to show prospective employers tangible evidence of your accomplishments and skills.

  • Enrollment in MKTG 99 and MKTG 495 during the last semester.
  • Three-ring binder with eight dividers separating the eight learning objectives (provided by the Department of Marketing).
  • Electronic copies of marketing assignments that showcase your best writing and analytical skills, as well as assignments that illustrate your firm grasp of marketing.
  • Ungraded and unmarked copies of each assignment.
  • Please note: Only one assignment may be used to fulfill the requirements for two learning outcomes. If you choose to do this, include a copy of the assignment in the first learning outcome section that it fulfills. The subsequent learning outcome section for that assignment should contain the cover page and a note directing the reader to the section where the full assignment can be found.

You must ensure that you complete an assignment for each section of the portfolio over the course of your marketing/business curriculum. Not all marketing classes have assignments that are appropriate for each learning objective. Please review the portfolio requirements carefully and examine the syllabi for the courses/sections you are considering enrolling in to make sure you will complete all portfolio requirements by graduation. You will also find it helpful to examine the assessment criteria used to evaluate portfolios. Since ungraded copies are required, be sure to save your assignments in electronic form to include them in your portfolio.

Submit your portfolio to the Department of Marketing no later than the last week of classes in the semester you intend to graduate. You can get the exact date of the submission deadline from the Department of Marketing. Submission of a portfolio is a graduation requirement for all marketing majors. If you do not turn in your completed portfolio by the last week of classes in the semester you intend to graduate, you will not graduate!

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