Systems, Applications and Products TS410 Workshop

The College of Business’s Systems, Applications and Products University Alliance Program will offer the sixth SAP certification workshop to undergraduate, graduate students and NIU alumni in May 2020. The SAP Certification is titled TS410, Business Process Integration in SAP S/4HANA. The workshop will provide an intensive training to prepare you to become a SAP Certified Business Associate. As a student or recent NIU graduate, you may apply to enroll in it. The workshop is offered at a significantly reduced fee due to Northern Illinois University’s membership in the SAP University Alliance.

The SAP TS410 Certification workshop will enable you to see how SAP’s next-generation ERP suite, S/4HANA, operates. The workshop covers business functions designed into the S/4HANA system including managerial and financial accounting, human resources, procurement, manufacturing, sales and distribution, warehouse management, enterprise asset management and project management, as well as basic concepts relating to SAP HANA and Fiori. After completing this workshop you will:

  • Possess an enhanced understanding of concepts and navigation in the S/4HANA system.
  • Be able to explain how the fundamental business processes interact with S/4 in the areas of sales order management, material and production planning, procurement, inventory management, project management, plant maintenance, human capital management, financial accounting and management accounting.
  • Be able to identify the key master data which must be maintained to execute each business process.
  • Be able to identify the key integration points between the different business disciplines supporting each business process cycle.
  • Be ready to take SAP TS410 certification exam upon completion of the workshop.
  • Summer 2018 – 39 students, 72 percent pass rate (cutoff score was 59 percent)
  • Summer 2017 – 65 students, 62 percent pass rate (cutoff score was raised from 51 to 59 percent)
  • Summer 2016 – 53 students, 89 percent pass rate (cutoff score was 51 percent)
  • Summer 2015 – 35 students, 70 percent pass rate (cutoff score was 51 percent)
Note: TERP10 is the predecessor certification to the TS410 certification. Nationwide average pass rate is around 65 percent.

Date: 10 day workshop from May 11 to 22, 2020

Time: 9 a.m.- 5 p.m., Monday through Friday

  • One-hour lunch break at noon.
  • You responsible for their own lunch.

Location: Barsema Hall 300, College of Business

Workshop Price: $1,195 (cost covers professional instruction and training materials)

  • The standard market price is $7,500.
  • NIU is able to significantly reduce the cost due to its membership in the SAP University Alliances Program.

Payment Plan

A non-refundable $300 deposit is required (via credit card) when you register online.  This deposit will hold your seat for the workshop. The remaining balance of $895 is due by Friday, May 1, 2020.  You can pay by check or cash at the Outreach Registration Office, Swen Parson 140, DeKalb, IL 60115.  If you have not paid the balance by this date, the remaining amount due will be charged to the credit card used for the deposit.

Cancellation/Refund Policy

Requests to cancel received by Friday, May 1, 2020 will receive a full refund less a 10% administrative fee.  No refunds will be given after Monday, May 4, 2020.  No-shows will not be refunded.  The $300 deposit is non-refundable.

Exam Fee: $290 to be paid directly to SAP during the first four days of the workshop. Your instructor will help you with this during the first day of the workshop.

NIU students or alumni must successfully complete either OMIS 455 or OMIS 643 with a grade of C or higher, or have a minimum of one year SAP ERP related experience prior to enrolling in the workshop.

The Basics

Is TS410 an associate level certification, and what does that mean?

Yes, the TS410 is an associate level certification. SAP Education Services currently offers two levels of certification – associate and professional level. Associate certification focuses on the fundamental knowledge requirements for a consultant or project team member. The TS410 exam is the most entry-level of associate certifications. The professional level certification requires deeper product understanding, proven project experience and business knowledge.

What are the overall goals of the TS410 course?

There are four key goals. First, explain the organizational structures used in each business process. Second, identify the key master data which must be maintained to execute each business process. Third, discuss the ERP transactions required to complete each business process cycle. And fourth, identify the key integration points between the different business disciplines supporting each business process cycle.

What certification do students achieve if the exam is passed?

It is “SAP Certified Application Associate - Business Process Integration with SAP S/4HANA.” It is considered an “associate” or entry level exam.

Is the certification valid forever?

No, all certifications SAP offers are release dependent. The validity of a given certificate expires no later than the date that SAP ends support for that product and release (essentially two releases back from what is currently available).

What was the pass rate of the NIU OM&IS SAP TS410 workshop?

In the summer of 2018 NIU held a SAP TERP10 workshop. TERP10 is the predecessor certification to the TS410 certification. We had a 72 percent pass rate for our workshop.

What is the average pass rate of this exam around the world?

The typical pass rate is around 65 percent.

What is the cost of the exam in North America?

The 2020 price for students taking the exam with classmates as part of their on-campus TS410 is $290 USD. This exam fee allows one student to take the exam once when it is offered on their campus as part of the TS410 course. Schools will incur additional costs – book, instructor and so on that may be passed on to students on a cost recovery basis.

What is the price of taking the SAP TS410 workshop at NIU?

$1,195 (cost covers professional instruction and training materials). The standard market price is $7,500. NIU is able to significantly reduce the cost due to its membership in the SAP University Alliances Program (UA).

How much work is really required to do well on the exam?

You're expected to attend class every day, all day. Class is typically scheduled from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m., but can vary. Most students arrive to the lab early and stay late to study. It is common for students to form study groups – especially on the weekend mid-class. Students that have tried to combine the TS410 with a for-credit night class or other class project have historically performed poorly on the exam. This class is not recommended unless you're able to focus considerable time outside of class for exam preparation.

What background should I have to do well on the exam?

NIU undergraduate/graduate students or alumni must successfully complete either OMIS 455 or OMIS 643 with a grade of C or better or have a minimum of one year SAP ERP experience prior to enrolling in the workshop.

What are the keys to student success?

Read and understand all content in the book. Successfully complete all exercises. Be an active participant in class. Be prepared to study each night and over the weekend. Ask questions. Take ownership – you're responsible for understanding all content presented in class and covered in the book.

What content will be covered in class?

All content in the book will be covered. Additionally there will be quizzes/review activities to ensure that you understand not only the SAP products introduced but also the business processes ERP supports. This is not a “teach to the exam” type class.

Some certified individuals use a “SAP Certified Associate” logo in their email signature block. Is that available if I pass the TS410 exam?

Yes, everyone that passes as associate level certification exam at SAP (i.e. TS410) may utilize the SAP Certified Associate logo. In North America, the logo file will be distributed to those that have passed after their exam either by the exam proctor/instructor. If the proctor cannot personally ensure the student has passed, he/she will need to get the logo from SAP Education, as the UA team has no way to verify whether a person took the exam successfully due to privacy concerns. ** UA is distributing this for Ed Services, to ensure that our students receive it as quickly as possible after the exam. SAP Education Services has determined the approved uses as well as restrictions for use. Those policies will be distributed at the same time as the logo itself, and those policies must be followed.

Exam Details

What are the most important concepts covered on the exam?

All content covered in the course should be studied, as all topics are fair game. See the “TS410 Competencies” document for the weighting of course topics. Your instructor will provide more information during the workshop.

What types of questions will be on the exam?

Exam questions are multiple choice. Some will have a single correct answer, others will have multiple correct answers.

How long is the exam?

Eighty questions, three hours. The exam time cannot be interrupted or extended.

How are exams scored?

TS410 uses a dichotomous scoring model where multiple response questions are either correct or incorrect and does not give partial grades for responses. This better reflects the need for SAP customers and partners to know whether a certified individual can perform a task to the complete satisfaction of all concerned. Leaving a question blank is equivalent to a false response.

How long is it before I'm notified of my pass/fail status?

The exam is scored as soon as you complete the exam. Pass/fail feedback is given immediately.

Does the exam proctor know what questions will be on the exam?

No, the proctor does not have any visibility to the exam questions. The 80 questions randomly selected for you will come from a very large test bank of questions so there is no way to predict which specific questions will be asked.

Can I have notes or access to any online tools like Help files during the exam?

No, you will not have online access to any resources and cannot bring anything at all into the exam (no papers, no cell phone, no backpacks, etc).

What happens if I fail the exam?

You may retake the exam immediately. It will cost an additional $500 USD (current price, subject to change – consult the SAP website for details) to retake the exam each time. You may attempt an exam a maximum of three times. University Alliances does not offer re-takes. You'll identify a test location/date on the SAP website then will register directly.

What if I do not follow examination rules/procedures?

If the infringement is considered minor, the exam will be marked as a “fail” and you'll need to retake the exam at a future date. If the infringement is serious, any certifications that may have been awarded will be revoked and you'll be excluded from future examinations.

Can I take the exam on a different day than the rest of the class?

If you wish to take the exam at the discounted rate, you must take the exam at the scheduled time with the rest of the class. If you're willing to pay full price for the exam (currently $500 USD but subject to change – check the SAP website for details), then you may take the exam at an SAP training center or testing center on a day that exams are scheduled (exams are offered on a regular basis) like any customer or partner would.

Does the exam proctor have any flexibility in how the exam is administered?

No, the proctor must follow all directions for the exam. No exceptions can be made to any policy (for example – if you don't have proper identification, you cannot take the exam – no exceptions, even if the proctor knows you).

Will SAP rescore or reconsider my exam, if a I barely missed reaching a passing grade?

No, unless you experience technical difficulties during the exam, it will not be reviewed and cannot be appealed.


How should I register the workshop?

Registration is now open at Seats are limited for the workshop. If you are interested in attending NIU SAP TS410 Certification workshop, please register soon.

Other Course Questions

Who can answer other course related questions?

The course instructor, Andrew Setterstrom, can answer other course related question.


Andrew Setterstrom

Andrew Setterstrom is an associate professor of information systems at the NIU College of Business where he teaches ERP courses at both the undergraduate and graduate level. He is a certified SAP TS410 instructor and he has successfully taught NIU’s SAP TERP10 summer workshops the last four years.