Accountancy Career Fair Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

Is this career fair the same as the all-campus fairs held in the Convocation Center?

The Department of Accountancy conducts its own career fairs which are restricted to upper-division accountancy majors. Students who attend are juniors, seniors and graduate students who major in accountancy at NIU. We work closely with NIU Career Services, but this event is not listed on the Career Services website and is definitely a separate event.

How many students attend a career fair?

We expect over 150 students at the Career Fair.

What types of positions are these students seeking?

NIU accountancy students may work at an academic internship after they complete two semesters in the upper-division program; they are eligible for an internship in the summer after their junior year. Juniors who attend the Spring Career Fair are typically seeking an internship in the Summer or Fall of the same year or in the Spring of the following year.  Seniors who attend the Spring Career Fair may be seeking an internship in the Summer or Fall of the same year or in the Spring of the following year. Seniors who choose not to pursue a graduate degree at NIU may be looking for a full-time job. Graduate students may be looking for a Summer internship or a full-time position.

Are employers required to adhere to the Job Offer Policy?

Yes, all employers who register for the Accountancy Career Fair are assumed to adhere to the Job Offer Policy. In essence, this policy requires all students to have at least two weeks to consider a job offer for an internship or a full-time position. All offers extended during the Fall 2020 semester must expire no sooner than October 30, 2020.

Must we post an open job on Huskies Get Hired to attend the career fair?

Students attending the fair expect that employers have open positions and that employers will be interviewing students in the two to three weeks after the career fair. Students attending the fair must post a resume to Huskies Get Hired and must register in advance.

May employers require students to complete an employer-exclusive application?

Some employers require applicants to use Huskies Get Hired plus an application on the employer’s website. This may be confusing to students, so employers should be very clear and concise in explaining any additional application requirements to students.

Are resume books available on Huskies Get Hired?

Yes, students do post resumes into semester-specific “resume books” for internships and into a general accountancy resume book for full-time positions. Employers who post jobs on Huskies Get Hired can access these resume books and may contact any student who has posted in a book. For more help with resume books, contact Carolyn Ramsey in NIU Career Services at 815-753-7170.

Career Fair Logistics

Logistical information regarding the Fall 2020 virtual Career Fair will be available by September 1, 2020. This information will be forwarded to all employers registered for the Fair.

Questions about Recruiting?

Contact Tamara Phelan, Director of Accountancy Internships, at 815-753-6208 or 

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